These undead horde of creatures roam the Ark with only their Skeletal remains. They are strong, deadly, and reinforce their battle lust with a legion of zomdodos!

Cannot be tamed. Drops Skeletal Costume

Almost every skeletal creature will summon a group of zomdodo minions, which are similar to the zomdodos, except they do not have the percentage damage debuff that the regular zomdodos have.

The zomdodo minions and the skeletal creature will inflict large amount of torpor, so it is recommended to only try to fight them with alpha creatures, as even a high levelled group of rexes will become unconcious quickly.

The Skeletal creatures present with some damage reductions (approximately 50% of your normal damage) and they have a reflect damage passive, so expect to take some fairly strong hits from a rex/giga while things like the triceratops will be less of a problem.

General Strategy

Any kind of alpha with a good bite force is a good creature to go against skeletal creatures. Skeletal creatures seem to be immune to both the lightning and fire wyvern breath damage.

Method 1: One good mount is a high level Alpha thylacoleo. It can move up a small hill after attacking the skeletal creature, and then not have to deal with the Zomdodo's damage or torpor, and can easily kill the skeletal creature without too much resistiance - always have an escape route or a bloodvial/detox on backup, just incase things go poorly. This method does not apply to Skeletal Wyvern.

Skeletal Brontosaurus

Skeletal Carnotaurus

Skeletal Giganotosaurus

Skeletal Jerboa

Skeletal Quetzalcoatl

Skeletal Utahraptor

Skeletal Tyrannosaurus

Skeletal Triceratops

Skeletal Stegosaurus

Skeletal Wyvern

Danger: The skeletal wyvern is by far the strongest skeletal in my opinion not for the fact that it has a massive health pool or pushes out all that much damage (It does a decent amount) But the fact that it behaves much like normal wyverns with both fire and poison breath meaning it can almost always auto kill you whilst on a mount with its poison breath. Also factoring in that its ai behaves much like a wyvern and it flies indefeninetly whilst attacking making it difficult to land hits.


I've tried to use a dodorex to fight and it seems that the wyvern couldn't use its poison on me but that may just be because I got lucky. All other boss mounts and alphas I tried fighting it on I was auto killed by the poison. I would not suggest trying to fight the skeletal wyvern with any alphas or weak boss creatures because the skeletal wyverns damage does eventually stack up and can kill a boss creature.

Another strategy would be to get a tanky creature that can bug the wyvern out so it cant move and either have another tribe mate attack it with a dps tame or whistle attack with one of your own dps tames (I would suggest the latter).