Scions are the heralds of their respective Guardian Deity. They are extremely strong creatures with unique elemental effects that make taking one down a serious challenge.

Scions are not tameable.


When killed, they drop extremely rare loot.

  • Costumes for your creatures reflecting their element. (Winter = Winter Costume, Nature = Nature Costume, Fire = Fire Costume).
  • The treasure boxes always contain a set of each gem as well as some Xeno kibble, the Xeno kibble is a universal taming food that gives high affinity.

General StrategyEdit

It is recommended  to use a boss mount when dealing with Scions.

A titanosaur as a tank and several alpha dinos doing damage under good macro control is possible but it will take a long time having to use a lot of detox and blood vials for the tank. This method is not recommended for dealing with Scions.

Other possible strategies are mentioned on each Scion section.

Scion of Winter Edit

Can be found in Snow Biome. They take the form of a Mammoth ,Rhino or Chalicotherium. Drains stamina rapidly.


Going against Scion of Winter is a very straightfoward encounter. It is probably the easiest to farm with boss tame, as it is possible to do a lot of special attacks before stamina is drained. Boss-tame attacks do not use stamina (at least for the manticore and broodmother). The Scion does not inflict high damage, so you will find that this will be a go-to battle to farm element from.

Scion of Nature Edit

Can be found in Redwood Biome. They take the form of a Direbear. Inflicts a high amount of torpor.


Method 1: This is not a paticularly difficult fight for a good boss-tamed creature, but it is necessary to have a stack of detox, as the torpor values will rack up very fast.

Method 2: Possible success of defeating Scion of Nature is using 2 manned high level Firebirds or 1 high level Alpha Rex with blood vials. 

Scion of Fire Edit

Can be found in Volcanic Biome. They take the form of an Argentavis or Direwolf. Deals fire damage over time based on a percentage of maximum health.