• Frube1994

    Wikia FAQs!

    February 19, 2018 by Frube1994

    I'm writing this down as a "blog" rather than a page so that people can comment, ask questions, research up and all this sort of thing without the spam and interference of wikia pages.

    • Q: An edit I have made on a page has been reverted by a Moderator or Admin, why is this?
    • A: This can have a variety of answers, usually depending on the type of edit you've made. A majority of the information for some pages comes directly from guides written by Psycho himself, such as Creature and Taming guides, while the rest is trial and error with help from other users. If you've made an edit that doesn't match with the guide, it may be reverted back until a Moderator or Admin can confirm that the edit is true. If you've made an edit that matches with the g…

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  • QueenYeney

    We have played Extinction Core mod from scratch on different maps. From all these experiences, the start always includes dying a lot of times. We usually just start with a raft, go to a shore where it's somewhat clear and no sight of tribesmen. We usually harvest from the nearest trees and rock on the beach side. This way, when we have a sight on threats, we just move away with our raft and go to another shore.  As soon as you can get a stone base up, then you should be good to setup a shack somewhere.

    However, players of Extinction Core have different experiences and we found a very detailed and helpful information that we would like to share to you. This post is being quoted from a Reddit post, "Just started extinction core with a few frien…

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