Taming Edit

The Alpha Pteranodon can be tamed in a number of different ways.

  1. If it's a low level one, you might be able to KO it with one or two tranq headshots. This method isn't recommended for higher level ones though, as they tend to have higher torpor reserves and can fly away very fast. Feed it with Dodo Kibble or viable substitutes until tamed.
  2. By using the passive taming system. Wild Alpha Pteranodons are easily scared by your own tamed creatures though, so wait until the wild Alpha Pteranodon lands and then land and dismount your creature a good distance away from it. Now approach the Alpha Pteranodon by foot and start feeding it Dodo Kibble using the passive taming system. It'll probably be scared off at some point during this process. If this happens, rush back to your mount and persuit the Alpha Pteranodon to repeat the process. The taming bar should remain unaffected. Repeat until tamed. It is recommended to use a fast flyer for this to be able to keep up with the wild Alpha Pteranodon. A speedy regular Pteranodon is ideal.
  3. Prevent it from going airborne by using a Stun Arrow from Extinction Core. Then KO it using your preferred method of delivering torpor. Feed it with Dodo Kibble or viable substitutes until tamed.