Master List for Tribe Kibble Drops
Extinction Core List:

Tribe kibble map extinction core

 Blue Tribe

*Generally found in the ocean by islands*:

(Summons bariyonix – which can knock off mount, then alpha tribesman tranqs… leading to drowning)

  • -Rex x30
  • -Titanboa x30
  • -Quetz x30
  • -Spino x30

White Tribe

*Found anywhere*

(Summons alpha white tek t-rex – does laser dmgs!)

  • -Archaeopteryx x10
  • -Dimetredon x10
  • -Dimorphodon x10
  • -Diplodocus x10
  • -Kairuku x10
  • -Kaprusuchus x10
  • -Lystrosaurus x10
  • -Moschops x10
  • -Oviraptor x10
  • -Pachy x10
  • -Pachyrhino x10
  • -Pelagornus x10
  • -Pterandon x10
  • -Therizino x10

Purple Tribe:
*Found in the swamp/near tundra + Tropical Isles*

(Spawns Kaprusuchus/Aranoa – webs/poison torpor – super torpor hungry! Kaprusuchus can grab you off your mount)

  • Allosaurus Kibble x30
  • Tapejara Kibble x30
  • Trike Kibble x30
  • Argentavis Kibble x30

Orange Tribe:
*Floating Island/Jungle Area*

(Spawns Argentavis and rekts face with explosives)

  • Diplodocus Kibble x30
  • Dilophsaurus x30
  • Stego x30

Black Tribe:
*Carno Island*

(Summons dodorexys/therizinos and shoots you with rocket launchers)

  • Rex Kibble x30
  • Carbonemys Kibble x30
  • Pulminoscorpius Kibble x30
  • Megalosaurus Kibble x30

Yellow Tribe:

*Beachy Shores/Tropical Island Region*

(Summons raptors, direbears, and angry parasaurs)

  • Parasaur Kibble x30
  • Compy Kibble x30
  • Dodo Kibble x30

Cyan Tribe:

*Tundra / Sometimes Redwoods for whatever reason…*

(Summons direwolves and chalicoms.. uh blinds your screen sometimes and bolas you)

  • Raptor Kibble x30
  • Carno Kibble x30
  • Terror Bird x30
  • Mantis x30

Green Tribe:

*Deep woods – tropical islands/underworld*

(Summons direbears and other creatures >_>)

  • Carno Kibble x30
  • Sarco Kibble x30
  • Bronto Kibble x30
  • Anklyo Kibble x30

Red Tribe:

*Mostly found in Redwoods*

(Summons treecats and Allosaurus)

  • Carno Kibble x30
  • Gallimimus Kibble x30
  • Titanboa Kibble x30