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• 8/24/2017

What are the right tools to harvest prime resources accordingly?

One important thing that I remember is that Bosses can’t harvest resources and instantly decay corpses.

What about other creatures and tools such as hatchet and pick?
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• 8/28/2017
Everything harvests like the standard counterparts and use a pick for Blood. An Alpha Theri makes harvesting trivial.
• 8/28/2017
Thank you for the answer!
• 6/21/2018
If you use a chainsaw you get the best amount of gatherable resources... (ie: Prime Hide, Prime Pelt, Prime Blood) it just will depend on what you kill, to get the larger amounts. Lower tier alpha's will not drop as much as the higher tier ones. (Alpha Rhino's, Mammoths, Spino's, etc) drop the most that I have seen. Megapiths' are hard to harvest due to their spawns eating their bodies after they die. But in general, you'll want to harvest with a chainsaw. (Scion's drop a decent amount as well.... but if it's pelt/hide you're after... Rhino's and Spino's are your safest bet).
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